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 The Catacombs

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PostSubject: The Catacombs   The Catacombs Icon_minitimeThu Aug 12, 2010 1:46 am

The Catacombs 006OO-1b2fca2e-d568-41e6-a56e-77e5687fdb74
The Catacombs 006OO-0f351d44-b0f3-4bb1-9e7b-c30b2ddaae2c
The Catacombs 006Bc-8cba8a5f-2e0f-4e89-a662-d0d622e5b47a Szak
Szak mainly uses Guard, making it difficult to defeat him with anything other than a Grabbing Attack. If you wait just out of reach, Szak will stop Guard in order to approach you, allowing you the perfect moment to strike.

The Catacombs 006Bc-37961935-2a6f-4c42-b927-f987a172f51f
Hyde uses Magic Crystal Balls to cause damage when an opponent uses MP. You should employ skill attacks when a Magic Crystal Ball is displayed on screen.

The Catacombs 006Bc-1d1e7091-01d9-45c8-9067-ef9ab3b4db5b
At master in throwing weapons, Culad often employs the Boomerang, Disc, or Space Fish’s Spine to cause great damage. In addition, Culad can summon bone-made boulders, capable of stunning opponents.

The Catacombs 006Bc-00866e56-5788-4bcd-b40b-a6c3bc04ccb5
Of the 4 Skeleton Generals, Jakasiya is perhaps the most agile and quick. He often uses a skill that allows him to furrow into the ground and hide.

The Catacombs 006Bc-e5b732bc-4abe-4272-96f9-7d7a8040f2ca
Death Dragon Spirazzi's Head
Death Dragon Spirazzi's Head blasts poison from his mouth from his chained position. Despite being a stationary monster, the Death Dragon can still move up and down quickly, and unleashes varied attack patterns that present a great challenge for unassuming adventurers.

The Catacombs 006OO-762d549f-e994-43fa-a6f9-048e773461ce
pot head tip

The Catacombs Yhwnq
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The Catacombs
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