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 Shallow Keep

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PostSubject: Shallow Keep   Shallow Keep Icon_minitimeTue Oct 12, 2010 4:37 am

Shallow Keep ShallowKeep

Many Dark Elves in the Dark Elves' village have died from the epidemic, and many of them are somehow convinced that humans were behind the cause, which has in turn lead the Dark Elves to declare war against the Bel Myre Principality. While humans and the Dark Elves have been preparing for battle, the Dark Elven Alchemist, Morgan has gone missing after entering into the Shallow Keep to investigate the cause of the epidemic all by himself

Here we have an annoying dungeon you'd this would be easy as pie, well it is if you can get past all the bull crap this place dishes out!

Normal map
Shallow Keep Shallow_Map_v1
Min Fatigue: 8-9
Max Fatigue: 18
(only 1 boss and 1 starting point, it just changes to the opposite side depending on where you start)

Skull Tossers

Boss: Malicious Morgan

Mini Boss (or something like that): Sewer Princess Faris

Sewer Princess Faris is a top notch brawler if you get trapped in her net (she pounds you to the ground like the sissy you are if you're not careful) she might be in the lower left side of the dungeon while doing dailies when you already reach to the top and make a turn back down the other way

Ghouls and Skull Tossers: POISON FART when they are startled....naw they just release a cloud of poison when they get mobbed or back attacked

Wraiths: Will make out with you for your HP/MP and might turn invisible right after (they are easy to kill either way) They can make you bleed if you are attacked by their mini-scythes

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Shallow Keep
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