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 Elemental Bomber

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PostSubject: Elemental Bomber   Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:13 pm

Soviets it is time to take the power of the gods. Do you want to blow shit up?
Join us as we bombard the lands with Elements disposable from the palm of our hands!

Elemental Bombers are probably one of the easiest classes to make and don't need much investment to make them powerful. Most of their skills are all really good, thus making it hard for anyone to mess up their build.

EBs are actually very simple. Most of what concerns the build is really just all preference with the exception of a few oddball skills, which I advise to stay away from if you don't want to mess up your build. You should stick to the EB skill tree for the most part.

EBs are also great at abusing enemies' weaknesses. Running Scoria? Turn on Water. Running Bwanga, turn up the heat. There are no weapon enchants needed because EBs can change their element at will.

EBs also do well without much gearing. So if you are poor, you will be doing good damage without having to gear much. Purples will suffice, which won't be too much of a problem as Magic Sealed weeps are now being released.

The preferred choice of Armor is Cloth and weapon is Staves. Staves are perfect for the EB as they increase their power by a substantial amount compared to other Mage weapons and are most fitting for them.

Now for the advice.

Elemental Bombers' attacks are all percent based, except for the General Male Mage skills. Which means, the higher the reinforcement on a weapon, the more damage you will deal. Also, they are great with AoE (Area of Effect), meaning most of their skills affect a portion of the room and more enemies instead focusing on just one.

Note: EBs can be MP chuggers. This is due to the fact of using the skill Mana Burst. Mana Burst is a skill that buffs all EB skills and ideally should be used throughout entire dungeons for best damage possible, at the cost of using up more MP.

You should ideally be stacking INT and Magic Crit as EBs are a Magic Class and their damage is based on Magic attacks.

If you plan to get avas for your EB, these stats are highly recommended:
Hat- INT
Hair- INT
Face- ASPD (Attack Speed for future reference)
Torso- ASPD
Top- Mana Burst or Elemental Activation
Bottom- HP or MP. HP for survivability and MP if you run out of Mana a lot.
Shoe-Movement Speed or Vitality. Vit is for more survivability.

Skill explanations:

General Skill Tree:
Quick Rebound- For obvious reasons

Ancient Memory- This buff increases your INT in dungeon and is recommended but optional.

Magical Critical Hit- this will help EBs crit a lot more and deal more damage. The more you have, the more frequent you will crit.

Male Mage General Skills:
Wind Strike- Will be used mostly for pushing enemies that are close to you away

Steel Grab Palm- Same as Wind Strike

Teleport- Is a must have. It allows you to teleport anywhere in the room(in the field of view), but you can only go so far. It's a good skill for mobility, since Male Mages are slow in movement speed, and can get you away from dangerous situations and dodge attacks as well.

EB Skills:
Continuous Fire- The EB spams orbs and shoots them forward at enemies. This skill is good for attacking a group or single targets. The damage form this skill is incredible. The orbs deal damage according to the Element that is active at the moment. A must max.

Magic Cannon- The EB charges up an orb and creates a big or that explodes upon contact with enemies or surroundings. The skill doesn't deal little damage but neither deals high damage. It is used for utility and is also affected by whatever Element is active at the moment. It's utility purpose is just for staying off the ground or inflicting ailments to enemies.

Fire- Inflicts Burn Status
Light- Stuns enemies for a longer amount of time than Continuos Fire
Dark- Slows enemies
Water- Freezes enemies

Elemental Activation- The EB activates an element that affect a lot of his other skills including his regular "x" attacks. You can switch between Light, Fire, Water, and Dark. The damage dealt depends on the Element that is active at the time.

Damage goes in this order for EB:

Elemental Shield- The EB casts a Shield around him. The Shield has different properties depending on what Element is active at the moment.

Light- Hitstun and reduces damage taken
Fire- Reduces damage taken and can deflect projectiles
Dark- Reduces damage taken and can blind enemies
Water- Completely nullifies damage that is caused by a physical attack for a few hits (dependent on lvl)

Fire Road- The EB make a road of fire in front of him and it launches enemies straight up into the air. Deals good damage especially with the EX Passive that creates more roads. Deals fire damage.

Crystal Attack- The EB conjures 3 Ice Shards and stabs them onto the ground in front of him. This skill deals high damage but it is bad for landing hits with it as the EB stays stationary when he stabs the shards. The skill becomes less useful in higher level dungeons because enemies have higher mobility. Deals water damage.

Mana Burst- The EB buffs himself, deals more damage with all his skills at the cost of burning more MP. Recommended that it should be on throughout whole dungeons.

Chain Lightning- The EB shoots a lightning bolt that hits an enemy and spreads to others. The damage is decent. It's used frequently for single targets and it also stuns. Deals light damage.

Darkness Change- The EB creates a dark blast from his body damaging and pushing away enemies. The skill gives SA frames so you won't be interrupted. It also blinds enemies and deals high damage. Deals Dark Damage.

Flame Circle- The EB creates fire around him and spins it till it explodes. It is basically is like Darkness Change but stronger. Deals fire damage.

Ice Crystal Shower- The EB creates a circle where shard of Ice begin to rain down on an area. This skill is good in damage and has a very high proc (chance of something occurring) of freezing enemies.

Darkness Mantle- The EB creates a circle of darkness that sucks in enemies and traps them in a dark bubble which explodes. The skill is very good for crowd control, meaning it's good for grouping. It deals very high damage at the explosion. It also creates a window of opportunity to bombard the with other skills as they are trapped within the bubble.

Lightning Hand- The EB creates a wall of Lightning and launches it forward. This skill deals very high damage, probably one of the EB's strongest skills. It has a delay at startup but it's electrocution is really good, immobilizes enemies while you cast the wall forward. You won't be iterrupted as you will have SA frames around you.

Elemental Rain- The EB jumps in the air and shoots 20 orbs of elements then shoot a giant one infused with all the elements that makes a shockwave.

Elemental Buster-

The lvl 60 Active, Concentration, deals
The lvl 70 Active, Elemental Strike, deals

Intelligence is recommended as this is a Magic Based Class
Spirit is recommended for a bigger Mana pool, higher MP Regeneration and higher Magic Defense.
Movement Speed so that you can easily move around as you will be close to enemies about 95% of the time
Magical Critical Hit for those Crits on Magic Based Attacks to deal wonderful damage
Hit Rate so that you won't miss your attacks, especially the high damaging ones
HP and MP Regeneration for more survivability and to take advantage of the high amount of Spirit for faster MP Regen
Lastly, Elemental Attack to add damage to the Water Damage you will be dealing with all your attacks.

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Elemental Bomber
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