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 Macro's and You!

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PostSubject: Macro's and You!   Mon Mar 24, 2014 9:43 pm

Within the game of FF14 we have a system called macro's.
These little buggers allow you to do multiply things in the manner of pressing a button.

what to know

  • All macros need to have a backslash / in order to function
  • You can have up to 100 macro's
  • macro's are limited to 15 lines
  • Skills that are more than 1 word need quotations. ie "blood for blood", "Cure II",
  • "place holder" commands ARE case sensitive. ie <TT> will not work but <tt> will
  • beginning your macro with /macroicon [skillname] will include the image and cool down of that skill.
  • if made too long macro's can either be interrupted or not full casted.

what type of codes does a macro use?
Generally a macro is made up of these commands.

/ac (activates an ability)
chat command lines (e.g. /p, /l#, /fc)
/mk (marks a target)
/wait # (pauses for the amount of time designated by #)
/echo sends a message that only you will see
/ta <mark1> (targets the creature marked as #1, works for 2, 3, etc.)
<t> Applies to your currently selected target
<me> Applies to yourself
<mo> Applies to the target your mouse is currently hovering over (includes UI elements)(useful for healers so they do not have to click off tank)
<p#> Applies to person occupying that spot on the party UI (e.g <p2> targets the second person in the party)
<tt> targets the target of your current target.
<se.#>(1-16) this plays a random sound effect whenever you use your macro.

  • this can be very useful to tell your party what your going to do.IE Rasing someone who died or casting a debuff like virus on the boss


Getting access the macro menu is relatively simple.
Pressing escape on your keyboard should pull this window.

Click on user macro.

welcome to the macro menu, in this example, we have what not to do for a complex macro.

in theory this macro should do the following first cast rampart, then featherfoot, second wind, convalescence and foresight. however,it won't because of your global cool-downs.

taking into consideration your global cool-downs you could rewrite the macro above to:

/ac rampart <me>
/wait 2.5
/ac featherfoot <me>
/wait 2.5
/ac "second wind" <me>
/wait 2.5
/ac convalescence <me>
/wait 2.5
/ac foresight <me>

  • even though this macro is now functional. It's not one that's going to be used optimally. Leaving yourself vulnerable while casting is something you do not want.

an example of a basic macro.
/ac cure <mo>
/ac cure <t>

this macro will do one of 2 things it will either heal the person my mouse is highlighting over or heal the current target I am selecting. It will not doboth
the reason behind this is because this macro is sending both commands to the games server. the server reads this as me wanting to use cure, however its prioritizing <mo> over <t>. if there is no <mo> then it'll cure whatever <t> is.
off topic:
the default behavior of any healing spell (cure/physick) is
/ac Cure <t>
/ac Cure <me>
(prioritized on healing a <t> otherwise it'll heal yourself.)
if you want to have a healing spell only heal a target
then create a macro eliminating the line (/ac cure <me>)
IE. /ac Physick <t>

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Posts : 65
Join date : 2010-06-26
Age : 25
Location : Canon City

PostSubject: Re: Macro's and You!   Mon Mar 24, 2014 11:50 pm

video guides

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Macro's and You!
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