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 Vilmark - Area 50

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PostSubject: Vilmark - Area 50   Fri Jul 02, 2010 12:38 am

Ancient Dungeon located at Elvenguard.

requires 30 black cubes and 10 spirit crystals to enter.

Room 1 Bloodgarus

Theres like 5 or 6 of them in this room. Just kill it.
Preperation for room 2: turn off all skills that can aggro monsters like spiral nen, rolling thunder and corona. turn off Frenzy if you wanna save hp.

Room 2

Run all the way to the bottom right above the summoning machine as soon as you get in.
The summoning machines will summon 14 times and will explode after the 14th time. Just kill the goblins and watch out for their kamikaze attack. After that, you will see another goblin, kill him and run away before he explodes.
Note: they will explode on when hit with projectile attacks.

Room 3

kill the tau captain ASAP. dont let him charge at you or he will do some nice damage to you. Note: projectiles will make him charge.

Room 4 Elementalgarus

Just kill them. After that, kill the crazy garu guy. Kill him before he activates his super armor. Aerial combo recommended.

Room 5 Bloodgarus

A room with a crap load of bloodgarus. If you have any attacks that can hit pass the blockage use it and lure them over. When the blockage explodes, it might kill off some of them. After you kill all the bloodgarus, wait for all your cool downs, buff up and prepare for mecha tau.

Boss Room

Kill him asap.

Things to watch out for:

When he gets up, he will cast a triple lightning attack like the boss from Vestibule.
Firebreath. Avoid it. It will burn you to hell as well as has a very high stun rate.
When he summons a bunch of land runners, kill them asap because he's invincible as long as they're out. If you fail to kill them all before they explode, he will end up summoning monsters from Rooms 1-5.

A room filled with a crap load
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Vilmark - Area 50
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