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 Welcome to King's Relic!

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PostSubject: Welcome to King's Relic!   Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:35 pm

King's Relic is an ancient dungeon, aka considered one of the hardest dungeons in the game. You are limited to 3 revival tokens (amongst the entire party), and it requires 10.. Spirit Crystals to enter the dungeon by trading them to Klonter for an Amulet of Tranquility. King's Relic is split up into 6 parts. Namely 5 mini-bosses and 1 boss. They are each in their own rooms, so let's get the rooms started shall we?

1) Storm Guardian Maelstrom -
This expeller looking thing, is not a normal one. It's very speedy and can turn
invisible. There's not much to do except battle it the best you can and watch the
footstep dust that's visible when he himself is invisible. Keep him juggled if possible.

2) Earth Guardian Aegis-
He got 2 auras. Blue and Red. When his blue aura is on, only physical attacks can
hit him, otherwise you will get a heck of a strong counterblast if you attack with
magic. Vice-versa with red aura, don't hit him with physical damage. Otherwise his attacks
are fairly easy to dodge as he's rather slow.

3) Ice Guardian Rime-
This guy can be easy, or a total pain. His normal attacks are easy to dodge, but
when he wakes up, he will always summon an icicle that's sort of an Asura's Ice
Wave, except this thing chases you! You can end up frozen locked taking Heavy damage due to the ice passing you back and forth all the time, meaning you're pretty much doomed. It's important to remember that the ice has sort of a rhythm to it. It will travel
a distance, then change direction, it doesn't constantly follow you, it will only
head towards the area you stand at for like 0.75 seconds, and then change
direction towards the new area you stand at, So basically, if the icicle is
heading towards you diagonally, you can just walk a bit, ice passes past the
area you stood at, then when it changes direction, go back to the start point.
Just noticing the rhythm will make the icicle easy to dodge.

4) Fire Guardian Cinder-
This can either be a total pain, or not at all. Against this guy, there's a hit counter
that appears above your head. If it reaches 6 hits, you blow up, yes I mean it.
It won't be a small explosion either, it's huge! Now what other stinky stuff does
this fire guard have? If you let him live for too long, he grows big and gains additional effects. In Stage 2 of growth, his body starts glowing red and inflicts damage as well as puts the Burn status on you if you stay close to him long enough. In Stage 3, he gains a speed boost like the wind guard! Not to mention he now gains the ability to reflect all physical damage. So... how to beat him? Invincibility Frames. Weak attack 5 times, then a grab! Always! Always end the hit counter with a grab, the invincibility frame will shield you from the explosion while resetting the hit counters over your head. Under no circumstances should you use a big hitting skills such as Headshot or Laser Rifle when he's in Stage 3. Just rely on your standard attacks and grabs. You have to do this fast, otherwise the fire guard becomes a PAIN!

Elementalists have... really bad issues regarding soloing this guard, as... they can't
really do anything with their standard attacks. All their dmg are skill based,
only thing that works is ice wall, kind of sad. Oh yeah, you can also use summons,
meaning mechs and summoners can attack this thing with either machines
or summoned monsters. Reason = you didn't attack it directly, another npc is,
hence you don't receive the nasty hit counter however your "summons" (Bots included) do gain hit counters, so make sure to stand at a distance.

5) Light Guardian Lumi-
This thing is probably the thing most people die at. Why? Stun, stun, stun, lock.
Need people say more? The lightning guard is your everyday expeller, except,
instead of being lame, he will try to blind you. When he raises his sword and yells "Shine"
his body begins to glow white. You MUST look away from him, otherwise he will stun you,
and a pentacle forms underneath you which summons a lightning strike on you! The lightning will fall down regardless of if you got stunned or not, but if you're not stunned, the lightning is easy to avoid. The thing about Lumi is that he clones himself after losing a set amount of HP. The clones mimic all his abilities as well!

So how do we take out this abomination?

6) Hammer King Borodin-
Yes... big hammer... big hammer. But he's surprisingly lame. He got uh... 3 attacks,
quite lame for a big shot boss yes? Well too bad, because 2 of those attacks
are very quick, he's a big big armor thing so he got a huge hitbox, he got
quite alot of superarmor and those 2 hammer attacks can stun you, so he can
use his precious time making meatloaf out of you. So against Borodin,
both of those attacks needs rather close range, and have rather poor y axis,
but his hammer lounce can surprise you as it's fairly fast, and slides for a long distance
on the x axis, so try to avoid his attacks on the y axis as much as you can.
King doesn't mean hero, he's a king, meaning he will hide behind his pawns,
he will spawn expeller looking things that are actually more like tin soldiers from
floating castle, and they will swarm around the boss room. If you kill them, Borodin
respawns them, there is always a set amount of them on the field. Are the dangerous?
Not really, they're stupid, but they're annoying! If you're a gunner, you probably know,
those little soldiers can be cannon fodder for Borodin. Borodin already have huge
regeneration ratio, and on top of having little tin soldiers that eat up your bullets
for him? Aww! This will take a looooong time.
His last attack is just... slamming his hammer on the floor, shaking the entire
room, and hits everyone standing. That means, if you're touching the ground, you
will be hit by this attack. He always does it in a serie of 3 hits on the floor,
so be ready to jump to avoid it. His little tin soldiers will get hit too, poor them.
Be carefull about the rythm though, some chars have a long jump time that makes
you avoid on the first quake, but actually land the moment the 2nd quake strikes,
not good, try to find the correct timing.
So in the end, this dungeon is probably easiest with tons of invincibility frames,
aka Grapplers/Dervishes.

Here's a sneak peak at King's Relic. It's recommended you watch closely how to battle each of these Guardians.

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Welcome to King's Relic!
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