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 Dendroid Jungle

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PostSubject: Dendroid Jungle   Mon Jul 12, 2010 6:33 pm

Welcome to dendroid jungle, home of the killer trees, and screaming plants, by now you're raring to hit 30 so I'll cut the chatter.
This dungeon is passthrough, you meet a few new enemies here, the chief being FIRE.

That's right, this dungeon introduces combustible enemies and exploding plants, you'll find out quickly that using fire next to these is a bad idea. Bad for you, bad for your party.
Make a note to either A. refrain from using flame based attacks or any explosives. B. Warn your party members when you plan to use em to avoid rage/confusion/death.
The boss can appear either in the Northeastern corner of the map or the Southwestern. The minister appears in the room opposite on the map. A room to note here for brevity on a quest is the lugaru room, which house the majority of this level's lugarus. It is generally directly across from the start room on the dual paths. Just check the rooms in the corners of the paths.

The chief enemy of this area are the Golidens and Dendroids. The dendroids are the dark "offensive" trees. They can swat you, root into the ground and summon a thorn underneath you. In their rooted state they also have access to a frontal seed attack that blinds you. Best way to handle em is direct combos or fire if no one else is around. If they root in, simply walk behind them and attack, this will dislodge them. The Golidens are the magenta "defensive" trees. They also swat, however instead of rooting when they get at about 60% hp they will attempt to bud screaming plants and heal themselves. The screaming (exploding) plants can confuse if you decide to fight near em. When you see them charging up, smack em. You don't want them to scatter their seed. Make a note that both trees have access to a ranged grab that can interrupt ranged attacks.

Blast from the past, the jungle just happens to be the chill spot for lugarus as well. You'll see many more Gardener Lals hanging around this time. Only thing different about them is they leave thorn plants when struck and/or killed. Not dangerous but a nuisance. Smash em.

You'll also meet your first hunters here. These are the lower versions, able to claw and activate superarmor and issue a confusing roar. The roar makes these blokes annoying so deal with them accordingly. Ranged attacks or heavy rushes are best against em.

And of course, you have your mini bosses:

Ophelia charges you with getting the second book from the minister of twilight, once again, its a quick fight. The major concern in the room would probably be getting caught up in the vines and bombarded by knives from the green GBL. If you opt to clear the room, detonate the vines or even fight at the entrance, this becomes a moot point.

Kargon wants revenge for a near missed escape from the jungle at the hands of hunters, naturally he picks the biggest, ugliest, sons of bitches for you to exact his revenge on. Meet Rolling Hunter Gareth. He isn't much more difficult then the normal hunter except he has a superarmored jump attack. The problem is he happens to be leading a pack of hunters along with him when you fight him. Do yourself a favor and treat this like a room of expellers. By now you should know how to Axis nuke right?
Lodin Glow

This guy can be a pain when he wants to be, namely because of his tendency to spam attacks constantly. His room is full of enemies and vines so clear the room and note that positioning is key for this fight, you will need to evade and sidestep a lot. As a dendroid he has access to the branch swat however, its when he roots that life gets horrid. His root attack doesn't summon one thorn but 5, and they can combo away your health quite rapidly, he can even summon it when you're on the ground so abuse quick rebound. His seed attack blinds but also does damage. If all the seeds hit you at once, the attack can almost one shot you. Watch it. He of course has the range grab attack but will spend so much time rooted it really is a sidenote.

Melee: You need to move quick and hard for this one. Don't attack him from the front, he'll just swat then root, or if rooted will just seed you. Instead circle around and combo him from the back to dislodge him. Stun is great for this fight and can help in using combos. The key is to not let him regain and keep his balance, bully him relentlessly. Note that for some odd reason he'll burst into flames no matter what weapon you're using in the midst of a heavy combo. If you see it, it might be wise to back off and circle again.

Magic/ranged: This is likely to become a firefight if you decide to do this headon. Head on is the method I would prefer however, funner. As stated before, he'll constantly thorn for ya but the nice part is you're out of range for any of his other attacks. If you're soloing go ahead and use flamethrower if it strikes as appropriate. Just sidestep and drill him otherwise. This isn't a hard at all as he'll do the standing still for you. If you want to play it safe you can circle him as he roots but it isn't necessary.

When you're finished destroying nature, we can move on.

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Posts : 41
Join date : 2010-06-26
Age : 27
Location : California (SoCal)

PostSubject: Re: Dendroid Jungle   Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:46 pm

Edits kindly.

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PostSubject: Re: Dendroid Jungle   Sun Jul 18, 2010 10:17 pm

Note that confusion roar carries a lot of y axis as well, so you can't treat them
as expellers that have barely anything but x axis. Also try to explain confusion
in the guide, as experienced players don't really have a problem with it wheras
new one tend to walk straight into the claws of the hunters after being confused
on the y axis.
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PostSubject: Re: Dendroid Jungle   

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Dendroid Jungle
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