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 Behemoth Dungeon Guides for Dummies: 2nd Spine Edition

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PostSubject: Behemoth Dungeon Guides for Dummies: 2nd Spine Edition   Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:44 am

Behemoth Dungeon Guides for Dummies: Second Spine Edition

This dungeon incorporates all of the monsters in behemoth that you have encountered up until now while adding three new ones for you to deal with. The majority of the mobs will be GBL followers(Outer Wall), Alexs (Purgatorium) and Devourers(First Spine). Several of the breakable items in the dungeon will trigger a trap that sends a tentacle to do a sweet across the room so be careful when you see a purple skull appear.

New Foes

Dragon Laser Cannon

  • This is the Dragon Laser Cannon. Just like the normal Dragon Cannon, it's relatively slow and easy to avoid. However, this cannon got an upgrade. Unlike it's predecessor, this cannon can fire a laser attack across the whole room dealing a good amount of damage.

  • There should be at least one cannon per room in this dungeon with a maximum of 3-4 in one room, excluding the two rooms leading up to the boss room. When the cannon is going to fire its laser; a small red light will flash across your screen signifying where the laser will be fired across. You can just move up or down where the red line appeared or running behind the cannon before it fires. The charge of the laser takes about 4-5 seconds and the cannon cannot move or change directions while it's charging. They best way to fight them is to get them into an aerial combo to take them out.

Magney, The Empyrean Wanderer

  • Magney is the fourth APC you'll meet and he appears in the form of a male launcher. He is located at the very bottom left room in the dungeon and can sometimes spawn again in one of the farthest left rooms. He is relatively easy to take out as long as you avoid his land runners which he sometimes calls out. Those land runners do major damage and have the potential to take you out in one hit with ease. He spawns With four battering rams and four normal dragon cannons.

  • When you first enter the room of which Magney is in, the two initial pots that are infront of you will trigger two lotus tentacles to strike through the map. The strike from the tentacles will hit the several pots on the far side of the map which will trigger more tentacles to strike. Simply move downwards to avoid the attack and Magney will most likely get caught in the several tentacle strikes and take out a good chunk of his health making it easier to take him down.

  • A daily quest from Marlene Kitzka is available when the dungeon is unlocked and calls for two Magney's to be eliminated.

Boss: Gangling Lotus

  • Lotus, the eighth apostle, is a stationary boss. When you first enter his room you will be surrounded by 4 pots on each side of your character. Breaking one of the pots will trigger a tentacle to sweep through the map, slowly triggering the other pots. A good idea to go about it is to break the bottom two pots first, let all four tentacles pass by and then break the top two. An occasional HP&MP fairy is hidden in the statue on the far left of the room, opposite to Lotus.

  • The boss occasionally retreats inside it's statue like protective shell and reaches down to grab you with it's tentacles, squeezing you and doing damage until you break free. It will also make the room rumble making debris fall down along with more Hetako's for you to deal with. Lotus also does a sweeping motion for anything standing directly in front of it which will knock you down if you're hit. It also has a stabbing attack which has a long reach. However, it always curls up a tentacle before it attempts to do a sweeping or stabbing motion so avoiding the attack is possible, Overall fighting the boss is relatively straight forward. Dodging tentacles and attacking it when it's hanging out of the statue.

  • The Rainbow Salt needed by the quest from Roger Levin is only dropped by Lotus. It is an uncommon drop so don't panic if you don't get one on the first try. Lotus may drop up to two of the Rainbow Salt's in one dungeon run.

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PostSubject: Re: Behemoth Dungeon Guides for Dummies: 2nd Spine Edition   Thu Jul 22, 2010 3:08 am

If I remember, Lotus had sweetspots, aka spots where none of his poking tentacles
can hit you. If you find those areas (easier with mages?) you don't have to worry
about his tentacle jabs.
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Behemoth Dungeon Guides for Dummies: 2nd Spine Edition
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