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 Senior Juggernauts!

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PostSubject: Senior Juggernauts!    Thu Jul 29, 2010 6:19 am

Juggernauts, I'm sure you're aware (if you're not, I pity you) that we've been working toward making a suitably effective PvE guild that will span the ages, or at least a career in DFO.

We feel it has reached the point where recruiting is a go. cheers

From here on out, whether you invite a random person or refer a friend, they will have to make an introduction thread in the forums in order to achieve junior status ingame. It doesn't have to be their life story its just nice to get to know people right?

Inability for 15 days without notification on the forums or via PM will lead to drop, nothing personal, it seems the best way to prevent leeching, after the initial 15 days there is a 15 day grace period in which we will reestablish you if you explain your reason, again we understand life is gonna make its twists and turns and we've no problem reinviting ya, just got to keep us on the same page, you don't need details a simple "I'm leaving for a week due to rl" is fine. We respect your privacy and whatnot. :O

Senior members we've taken the liberty of sring your characters should they be in guild and their alts. Senior status will mean a few things, primarily of course it means you've garnered enough points to be able to invite folks at whim. We ask you don't abuse this, use your judgment, if you don't think we'll get along then it might be best to refrain to avoid many sadfaces/headaches/ragequits in the future mmkay?

Junior members will have the chance to become senior once you've accumulated enough time on the guild and enough recommendations, that of course will be the second duty of senior members. Seniors will have the ability to recommend juniors for a rank up, there will be a test involved. A pass means they join our senior battalion for even more winz. Again, judgment prz.

Remember though, what can go forward can always go backward, any disruptive or cruel acts will be rewarded with a demotion or even a auto boot. Spamming we ask for members to refrain from, it really doesn't help to get the point across and doesn't make for happy endings. Again use your judgment, treat others the way you wanna be treated, golden rule. Arguments and rages should be taken to whispers, if you really have an issue with someone, explain to a leader your side. You will be anonymous should we decide to look into it.

Last but not least, its still a game, there is still a lot of content on the way and many osms for this guild. Our goal is to make a ballin' PvE guild, but we can't do it alone. From here on out gates are open, welcome our new members and try and make em feel homely eh?

Then go kill some things and kick some ass to bond. afro

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PostSubject: Re: Senior Juggernauts!    Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:43 pm

If you have any issues or anything to add please PM Apocalytica and refrain from posting here. Thank you.
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Senior Juggernauts!
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