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 Junior Juggernauts

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PostSubject: Junior Juggernauts   Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:48 am

Our newest Juggernauts!

Let me take the time to say welcome to our humble abode where we hang our trophies and severed heads and stuff.

And yeah.

I go by many names however most know me as apoc. The other two leaders, Cross and haven, and I all welcome you and stuff.

Ok now that thats taken care off, lets get down to the gritties.

Ladies and gentlemen and everything in between, congratulations! If you're reading this thread you're about to find out how to join our institution.

Step 1: Decide you want to join.

Step 2: submit a introduction post in Applications.

Step 3: (optional) speak to an officer or member ingame or just mail me directly IGN is Apocalytica, Aquarius for Cross and BlackdawnX for Haven.

Step 4: Once you're invited, your info post automatically qualifies you to be a junior, just like that.

Feel free to do those steps in any order.

Junior members, you are the ones to bring power and respect to this guild! The lifeblood of the Juggernaut! Once you're enlisted and suited up, we offer a bevy of services to make your game time that much better. My only request? Stay semi-active on the forums and active ingame. As your level rises and experience is gained, we'll show you more of our tricks, more of the things that save our asses PvE wise. As you work with us, the seniors and even the juniors, you will begin building a resume' in our guild of recommendations. When a certain amount of seniors and/or officers and/or even leaders vouch for you, you will be able to take the rank test and join our veteran battalions.

The benefits, well obviously you're trusted enough to invite individuals however, as a senior member you will be able to have an active hand in working on the future of Juggernaut. Senior members head up many of our upcoming events, programs, and things. You will be able to write rocommendations of your own and help us carry this guild as far as we possibly can.

So come into our parlor, kick off your shoes, meet your fellow slaughters, and carve a bloody path through DFO.

Because Juggernauts are all GAR. First in, last out.

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Junior Juggernauts
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