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 Spider's Lair

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PostSubject: Spider's Lair   Spider's Lair Icon_minitimeSat Oct 16, 2010 3:35 am

Spider's Lair SpidersDen

The war against the Dark Elves is almost upon us! The incredible magic power of the Dark Elves is sure to cause countless lives to be lost. Although war is imminent, Dungeon Fighters are being distracted by vengeful ghosts that were unfairly killed and mutated spiders that are growing to abnormally large sizes in reaction to the epidemic.

Here we have a roomy dungeon with mildly annoying piles of shit...

Spider's Lair Spider's_Lair_Map_v1
(The boss room changes randomly...there is only 1)

Skull Tossers
Poison Marpisa
Mini Marpisa (In rooms with eggs)

Boss: Aracloso

Scroll Area: Reckless Slayer

Fair Warning

The boss: tends to either shoot either skull rockets or balls of webs at you

-Annoyingly digs underground for a while and shoots up into the air and chooses a target (mostly the highest level or who ever is closest) When he hits the ground there is a DEADLY electrical shock wave that is released...get it when you're 1/2 HP and you're done for...

-At other times he tends to shoot webs at the ceiling and remain there for a while (he drops Marpisa while in the air at that point) when he comes down, it's the same as the other time when he dug underground, but there is no shock wave

The Wraiths: Now have the ability to send out flying shits at you.....Oh Hell No


He IS reckless after all....he may tend to just STAND in front of an enemy in a daze....
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PostSubject: Re: Spider's Lair   Spider's Lair Icon_minitimeMon Oct 18, 2010 8:56 am

Don't stand directly in front of Arcloso as that will ensure his tripple webball all hits you for
some serious burst dmg. Also standing inside him isn't always a good idea considering his skull rockets puts him in superarmor. The best way to deal with him is juggle juggle juggle.
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Spider's Lair
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