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 Glacial Master

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PostSubject: Glacial Master   Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:36 am

As we all know, Ice is one of the most overlooked elements there is in the game.
Well not anymore.

Glacial Master is a Male Mage Subclass that specializes in Close Quarters Combat with enemies using Weapons made of Ice that are unbreakable and so flame resistant, the fires of Hell cannot melt it.

GMs conjure up weapons, like summons if you will. Their Armor mastery is leather and a Pole is preferred as a weapon for speed. Speed is this class' best feature. Speed and Power make this class incredibly strong. OP even.

Note: Weapons with this class are the same concept as Rogue and their weapons.
Staves (Staffs) and Rods will affect your speed, MP, and power.
Rods will give skills less CD, less MP usage, faster attack speed, but deal decent damage.
Staves make skills have longer CD, use up more MP, slower attack speed, but deal high damage.
Weapon choice here is simply preference and play style. It's a choice between Speed and Power.

Now, the advice. The wretched part of making any class is stats and builds.

Glacial Masters' attacks are all percent based, except for the General Male Mage skills. Which means, the higher the reinforcement on a weapon, the more damage you will deal. Also, they are extremely X axis oriented. (Meaning most of their attacks are usually directed forward and not up or down)

Note: GMs can be MP chuggers. This is due to the fact of using the skill Ice Road. Ice Road does increase damage though. You should be fine spamming Resonance w/o using Ice Road.

You should ideally be stacking INT and Magic Crit as GMs are still a Magic Class and their damage is based on Magic attacks.

If you plan to get avas for your GM, these stats are highly recommended:
Hat- INT
Hair- INT
Face- ASPD (Attack Speed for future reference)
Torso- ASPD
Top- Resonance
Bottom- The skill Ice White Sword ( only available in certain ava pkgs), HP or MP. HP for survivability and MP if you run out of Mana a lot.
Shoe-Movement Speed or Vitality. Vit is for more survivability.

Skill explanations:

General Skill Tree:
Quick Rebound- For obvious reasons

Magical Critical Hit- this will help GMs crit a lot more and deal more damage. The more you have, the more frequent you will crit.

Male Mage General Skills:
Wind Strike- Will be used mostly for pushing enemies that are close to you away

Steel Grab Palm- Same as Wind Strike

Teleport- Is a must have. It allows you to teleport anywhere in the room(in the field of view), but you can only go so far. It's a good skill for mobility, since Male Mages are slow in movement speed, and can get you away from dangerous situations and dodge attacks as well.

GM Skills:
Ice White Sword- The GM will conjure Ice Swords on his hands and attack those around him. This is a good skill to hurt enemies around you as it does high damage and they also get pushed back. It is a close melee attack.

Snowflake Spear- The GM conjures a spear of Ice and thrusts forward to attack his enemies. This skill pushes back enemies well and deals good damage, since the GM is basically charging forward. It is a close melee skill.

Spinning Javelin- The GM conjures 2 Javelins, one on each hand, spins them and flings them at enemies. The skill is good for attacking from a distance and deals decent damage. It also pushes enemies back a little if performed close by enemies. It is a ranged attack.

Ice Road- The GM creates a path of Ice wherever he walks. This is a buff that boosts your magic attack damage and also slows enemies, well those that touch the ice path of course. It is an MP sink though, so make sure not to spam it all the time. Recommended for only Champion (Green Named) and Boss Monsters.

Broken Arrow- The GM conjures a Bowen Arrow and shoots his enemies with arrows, on the last arrow, he rushes to pull it out of the enemy it is stuck in and smack the enemy with it. The skills deals decent damage and is good for attacking from a distance and need to close the gap between you and an enemy. It can potentially lead into a combo. It is both a ranged and close combat skill.

Resonance- The GM debuffs enemies around him within a distance and buffs himself at the same time. It decreases enemies' water resistance and buffs the GM's water damage. This skill is worth spamming because it allows you to weaken enemies while making the GM stronger, this means more damage and a good amount of it. It could possibly deplete your MP if spammed enough though so watch the MP or carry pots.

Piece of Ice- The GM conjures a big piece of Ice in front of him and he smashes it to pieces. This skill is a must max. It deals really high damage, especially when close to enemies. It has a good AoE (Area of Effect) as the pieces of Ice shoot forward destroying enemies. It tears everything up.

Big Ice Hammer- The GM conjures a big piece of Ice and uses it as a Hammer. This skill deals high damage and also creates a shockwave when it hits. The shockwave deals fixed damage.

Ice Crash- The GM conjures a drill and launches himself with the drill forward. This skill is not good at dealing damage but it is awesome at grouping enemies. It is usually followed by Big Ice Hammer since enemies will all be grouped and a good smashing will be in order.

Iceman- The GM chooses a location to conjure Ice from the ground and pound on it, dealing damage to enemies around it. At casting this skill, there will be a circle to designate the area where the ice will be. The skill deals high damage and it has a good AoE.

Frozen Water Column- The GM conjures two pillars of water that pull enemies close to the GM then explode. This is without a doubt the GM's strongest skill. It does have a cast bar so be sure to time it well and avoid getting hit much or at all.

Ice Flow Ring- The GM conjures 3 Rings made of Ice and spins them in mid air dealing damage to enemies, then grabs the rings and spins them in front of him and makes them explode. The Awakening Active deals high damage and is a optional max or leave it at 1 or skip it all together. If you chose to max it, it will make SP even tighter on this class. You will have to sacrifice other skills in order to max this.

The lvl 60 Active, Ice Orb, does not do high damage, but it is good for utility. It pushes back enemies and holds them in place pretty much.
The lvl 70 Active, Ice Field, does really high damage and has a high freeze proc (chances of something occuring)

Intelligence is recommended as this is a Magic Based Class
Spirit is recommended for a bigger Mana pool, higher MP Regeneration and higher Magic Defense.
Movement Speed so that you can easily move around as you will be close to enemies about 95% of the time
Magical Critical Hit for those Crits on Magic Based Attacks to deal wonderful damage
Hit Rate so that you won't miss your attacks, especially the high damaging ones
HP and MP Regeneration for more survivability and to take advantage of the high amount of Spirit for faster MP Regen
Lastly, Elemental Attack to add damage to the Water Damage you will be dealing with all your attacks.

If you have any questions about Glacial Master, let me know and post a comment below. I'll get back to you ASAP.
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Glacial Master
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